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EF-TEK, LLC - technical advisor in Russia

EF-TEK, LLC is an engineering and consulting company providing services in power industry and in other fields of fuel-and-power sector in Russia. EF-TEK, LLC was founded by a group of like-minded people with a 5-year experience of teamwork in large consulting projects in the field of power industry in Russia, Germany, UAE, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

Our team was one of the originators of the Owner’s Engineer (Technical Agent) Institute in RAO UES of Russia. Our experts accompanied projects related to the construction of new power units from the beginning of construction up to starting operations at the power plants in Tyumen, Shatura, Yayva, Surgut, Kolpino, Vologda, Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Nyagan and other cities in the interests of the largest power companies – RAO UES of Russia, InterRAO UES, E.ON Russia, Fortum, TGK-2, Siberian Generating Company, etc. We have made more than 100 Due Diligences of investment projects, developed several dozens of business-plans.

The company EF-TEK started its operating activities in autumn 2012. Same as before, our basic principles are: absolute orientation at the customers’ interests, honest and dispassionate view at the customers’ problems and ambitions to solve them within minimum terms and with maximum quality.

EF-TEK is fully owned by the Company Management. It helps us to be independent of the main players of the engineering market in Russia maintaining their confidence in us as an impartial “arbitrator” at the same time. EF-TEK is not a part of any foreign holding company, and it gives us freedom to choose partners, it contributes to reducing the decision-making time. EF-TEK has a great experience in working with partners from Germany, the Netherlands, China, the USA, South Korea, and it makes us an international company with deep Russian roots.

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