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Christian Andreas Berndt – Director General

The citizen of Germany. Education: Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering named after Kuibyshev, specialization: construction of thermal and nuclear power plants. PhD in Technical Sciences (1986, the USSR), holder of the Academic Degree of Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Eng) under Germany standards (1991). Student of F.V. Sapozhnikov, famous Deputy Minister of Energy of USSR (1962-1986), who organized construction of power plants with total capacity more than 165 GW.

Major projects:

1986-1990 Stendal nuclear power plant (Eastern Germany)
1991-1992 Nossener-Brukke 260 MW CCGT, Dresden. First CCGT in Eastern Germany
1992-1994 Mitte Berlin 380 MW CCGT
1994-2001 more than 15 major projects in Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan
2001-2003 760 MW CHPP, desalination plant in Fujairah (UAE)
2003-2004 PEC Sana'a South CHPP, 2 stage (Yemen, Sana)
2004 Industrial area Sohar Seawater Intake & return System (Оman)
2005-2012 EnergoFichtner, LLC (Russia, Moscow). More than 20 major projects in Russia
since 2012 EF-TEK, LLC, Director General


Kondratiev Philipp – Technical Director

Education: Moscow Power Engineering Institute, machine engineer (2007), specialization: gas-turbine and steam-turbine power units.

Major projects:

2007-2008 TPP Mezhdunarodnaya, 120MW CCGT unit
2008-2009 3rd power-generating unit 800MW STU, «Berezovskaya GRES» - subsidiary of JSC «OGK-4»
2009-2011 400MW CCGT unit, Yayvinskaya GRES - subsidiary of JSC «E.ON Russia»
2011-2012 Design of the concept and standart form of contract for long-term maintenance of combined cycle power unit owned by Gazprom holding generating companies.
2012 CDA (Capacity Delivery Agreement) objects of JSC «Kuzbasenergo» and JSC «TGK-14», audition of capital expenditures reasonability for generating objects and actual services rendered for uncommercial partnership «Soviet rynka»
2013 Technical upgrade of 8 and 9 power units in Barnaulskaya TPP-2
2013-2014 Prospective development programm of energy complex in Far Eastern Federal District of Russia (12 power plants technical audit)
2015-2017 Yakutskaya GRES-2, main heating system


Troitskiy Alexander – Deputy Technical Director, Head of hydro power engineering and adjustment of losses directions

Education: Moscow Power Engineering Institute, heat power mechanical engineer (1982), specialization: turbine construction. PhD in Technical Sciences (1988), Assistant Professor (2006).

Major projects:

1989-1991 experimental autonomous geothermal power module OMEGA-500 (isl.Iturup).
1990-1994 equipment design and testing at Verkhne-Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant (Kamchatka)
1999-2002 system of heat exchanger assembly and utilization for Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant (Kamchatka)
2002-2008 multimedia training aids “Steam turbine service maintenance and repairs”, “Steam turbine design”, “Overhaul technology for steam turbine K-300-240 LMZ”, “Examination and testing of basic and auxiliary equipment at CHP of Moscow Power Institute”, “Power generating machines and units”, “Steam turbines of combined heat and power and nuclear power plants”, “Atlas of turbine parts design”.
2008-2013 more than 20 successful projects in consulting of insurance companies and loss adjusters; more than 10 pre-feasibility studies and Due Diligences of projects in the field of hydro power industry in Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Turkey.


Kislova Irina – Legal Director

Education: Moscow Academy of Economics and Law, specialization: legal studies. PhD in law (2005).


Alexanyan Arshavir – Deputy General Director for General Affairs

Education: Moscow Military Institute (currently, Military [Combined Arms] Institute of Army Military Science and Education Center, Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation); specialization: mechanical engineer (2002, Diploma with honors).


Baskhamdzhiev Mingiyan – Chief Financial Officer

Education: Kalmyk State University; specialization: accounting, analysis and audit (2004, Diploma with honors), IIAT of Moscow State Technical University named Bauman, accounting and audit (2006, Diploma with honors).