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Infrastructure; water supply and sewerage, disributed generation

One of the recent trends of EF-TEK team activity is project support in the field of creating facilities of engineering infrastructure for settlements and separate buildings – particularly, water supply, sewerage and distributed power generation.

Water supply and sewerage in Russia are mainly located in municipal enterprises, such facilities are characterized by great physical wear and moral technological obsolescence compared with average European level. Investment processes are hindered in this field. Often investment projects are realized with stupid errors, using technologies of 60-70th of the last century, with significant budget deficit and missed construction deadlines. EF-TEK partner, Dutch company Ekwadraat B.V., is experienced in the realization of projects in the field of water supply and sewerage, which are characterized by multiply lesser energy consumption, half smaller capital and operational costs, by several times smaller equipment sizes, zero wastes emission, etc. Modern technologies of stream separation allow to create efficient biogas mini-CHP providing energy for system auxiliary. EF-TEK and Ekwadraat B.V. are ready to provide assistance to their clients in the assessment of existing technologies in water supply and sewerage and application of new technologies.

Distributed power generation in Russia is developing promptly on the background of growing prices and tariffs for electric and heat power, as well as considerable cost of technological connection to power grid. Not only owners of large industrial enterprises think about their own boiler stations and mini-CHP, but also owners of hotels, trading centers, office centers, airports and logistic complexes, as well as developers overbuilding new territories with new residential and public buildings, creators of “industrial clusters”. Mistakes made by designers and contractors due to the lack of experience or due to dishonesty are very expensive for customers. So, electric power or a boiler station already built for a new residential area can work with a maximum load factor of 25 % in winter. Installed equipment may have no future for cheap service on the territory of Russia. What is worse: after commissioning works it may turn out to be that legal model of this plant possession put in business-plan collapses like a house of cards after the first contact with electric power market regulators, and it “kills” the project instantly.

EF-TEK team has a considerable experience of construction concepts development of distributed power sources for business-centers, entertaining complexes and touristic villages, as well as experience of due diligence for such projects. We are ready to help any interested investors to lower risks while working in such a complicated field as Russian electric power market.