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Technical supervision over civil and erection, pre-commisioning and equipment supplies

Technical supervision over civil and erection, pre-commissioning and equipment supply is used in the final count for the purpose of realizing an investment project in time with the planned costs and quality.

Technical supervision in power sector and fuel and power industry has its own peculiarities. For example, in the field of residential and administrative buildings construction according to modern technologies, Russia has already gained some significant experience, and competition between qualified construction and engineering companies is relatively high. In power industry due to huge investment break (1985-2005), Soviet experience was lost in many aspects, and the loss was accompanied by the lagging behind the best world technologies. Investment projects in power sector are relatively long-term (from 3 years), that is why it is practically impossible to accumulate an experience at once from several projects during the years from the mid 2000th. As a result, only several teams of experts can carry out qualitative technical supervision over investment projects in Russian power industry nowadays, they have an experience “under their belt” of 2-3 construction projects using foreign technologies with successful putting into operation. EF-TEK, LLC has such a team.

Technical supervision over the plant construction projects is usually realized by a team made of 10-20 experts, some of them are constantly present on site, and others join the project from the central office when needed. Such a team may include the following experts:

  • Project manager, its deputy;
  • Construction engineers (main building and auxiliary buildings, heat supply and ventilation);
  • Electrical engineers (main and auxiliary equipment, low-current systems);
  • Heating engineers (main and auxiliary equipment);
  • Automatics and Management System Engineer;
  • Activity Progress Scheduling Engineer;
  • Pre-commissioning Engineers;
  • Cost-consultants;
  • Equipment Assembly Engineers;
  • Document Control Coordinators, etc.

Technical supervision is usually realized by the construction project owner (control over the general contractor and other contractors work) and by general contractor (control over subcontractors work). Number of experts engaged in technical supervision depends on the scheme of investment project management, on the number of contractors and their qualification. In the world practice it is widespread to transfer technical supervision to the area of responsibility of the Owner’s Engineers, i.e. qualified engineering companies.

The EF-TEK team is experienced in technical supervision realization in several investment projects in power industry.